, , and ‘s should be shouted from the rooftops. An excerpt:

4. The Critical Engineer looks beyond the “awe of implementation” to determine methods of influence and their specific effects.

5. The Critical Engineer recognizes that each work of engineering engineers its user, proportional to that user’s dependence on it.

6. The Critical Engineer expands “machine” to describe interrelationships encompassing devices, bodies, agents, forces, and networks.

7. The Critical Engineer observes the space between the consumption and production of technology. Acting rapidly to changes in this space, the Critical Engineer serves to expose moments of imbalance and deception.

8. The Critical Engineer looks to the history of art, architecture, activism, philosophy, and invention and finds exemplary works of Critical Engineering. Strategies, ideas, and agendas from these disciplines will be adopted, re-purposed, and deployed.

Read more at . Image: Julian Oliver’s .

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